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U3A stands for University of the Third Age, or that period in our lives after childhood and working life, when most of us have finished paid employment, and our families have flown the nest.  Although called a University, we do not offer degrees, but use the term in its original sense, of groups of people wishing to study, discuss a subject or share an interest.  We take this idea very loosely and include many and various topics, which in some cases are just pure enjoyment, and do not include study at all! Come along and see if this can fill a gap in your life.

January 's Note from the Chair





Dear Members


2017 has arrived and hopefully it will be kind to us.


We have survived all those Brussels sprouts and boxes of chocolates and other calorie laden goodies, which we felt obliged to eat unless they went to waste.


The food we "got in" should someone arrive unexpectedly, will see us through the first few weeks-----hidden away in our cupboards and the freezer.


Those that bought another 'turkey' in the supermarket sales have my admiration, as I ran out of ideas over what to do with the meat from the first one.


How many of us have had our fill of mince pies??


I started off with great enthusiasm and longing, but this has been replaced by "Oh no...Not another one". We have finished our Christmas cake just in time, before that too ran out of its appeal.


The Xmas pudding is still half finished, but will get eaten, as my husband loves it. Gone are the days of a coin wrapped in greaseproof paper, that we so longed to find in our portion. How we never choked to death amazes me.


We did not have wine in the 1950's, but I remember beer and stout and a shandy for the children [made up of 99.9% lemonade as I later found out], and don't forget the sherry or port. None of the choices of today, but classed as a luxury to be brought out for special occasions.


The Christmas day tea was salad and meat or sandwiches, with trifle to follow.

No '50 piece party selection packs' in those days.


There were always games played during the day. Dominoes, cards. A new board game, or my mother-in-law’s favourite...." whoever sits still and quiet for the longest gets a lolly". Well she did have 6 children.


I am sure that most of us have treasured memories of Christmas...right down to the pillow case holding besides anything else, an orange, a new penny, a tin of Bluebird toffees and bath cubes for the girls that turned to grit when put in the bath [but smelled nice].


New Year’s Eve usually saw friends, family and neighbours getting together for loads of chatter and laughter and of course a good old 'sing song'. One year Advocaat was mixed with lemonade and with a cherry on a stick was declared a very modern drink.


Now I see that I have gone off track, but hopefully you have enjoyed reliving some memories too.  





Want to join us?

Just sign up at the next meeting, forms are available from the Membership Secretary.

Please ask at Reception.

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Meeting at.

Mansfield Hosiery Mills Sports and Social Club, The Fieldings, off Huthwaite Road, Sutton-in-Ashfield, NG17 2TF
(behind the care home)
on the second Thursday of the month at 10.00am

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If you are new to Sutton-in-Ashfield U3A, welcome to our website. If you are an existing member, we aim to give you an easy source of information on our activities.

We have tried to make it easy to find your way around, so why not spend a little time learning about us and what we may be able to offer you!

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