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As you may all be aware in April will be having our AGM which marks the end of our Membership year, and the beginning of a new one.

To prepare for this our current committee stands down and a new committee is elected.

Some of our current committee will put themselves forward for re-election and some will not, so we SERIOUSLY need members to come forward to fill some committee posts.

The jobs that definitely need filling are, as the current committee members will not be putting themselves forward for re-election.

• Treasurer (This is an Officer Post)
• Social Secretary
• New Member Secretary

If the Treasurer post is not filled, as it is an Officer role, then our U3A will close as it is not legal to run our Charity without a Treasurer.

Here is the link our current Committee Member Nomination form.


If you want to be considered for any of the posts listed on the form please print and complete it and return it to Jean Griffin our Business Secretary at our February or March U3A meetings. Paper forms will also be made available at these meetings. The forms need to be returned 21 days prior to our AGM on 11th April 2019. If you cannot make it to any of the meetings and wish to post it instead, please ring Jean on 07446 405301 to obtain her address.





Vice Chair/New Members Secretary.
Sandy Roberts. 

 01623 441529

Vice Chair / Social Secretary.

 David Reed

01623 553529 

Jean Griffin 

 07446 405301


Groups Co-ordinator
Avril Dowdle 


01623 455696


Speaker Seeker

 Gill Hefford
 01623 407701
 Membership Secretay
Terry Hardman 
 07753 804706

 New Committee Members

 This page gives new committee members access to the documents they need to fulfil their role. Further documents will be added as required.

 General job descriptions for the various committee roles can be found on the U3A / Third Age Trust website. Detailed descriptions applicable to Sutton-in-Ashfield U3A can be obtained from the Business Secretary.

 It is recommended that all committee members join the U3A / Third Age Trust website as members so that they can become fully aware of the all the facilities and information offered to them, particularly in the Advice section.

Being a Trustee

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Come and Join Us

MONTHLY MEETINGS - (Second Thursday each Month 10.00am start) 

NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, 11th April, 2019 - 10.00 am. "



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